New 2020 BuckWholesale Scholarship

24th Jul 2020

Here at BuckWholesale, we are proud to announce the beginning of our BuckWholesale Yearly Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to help students be able to afford their college experience while showing us their creativity at the same time. It is not a difficult scholarship to attain since it does not take a great deal of time, however it is important for the participant to show a particular skill set.

Since BuckWholesale is one of the premiere distributors of hats and caps, we will be asking the contestants to create a design that would look good on a hat. The design can be anything that the participant wants. The idea is to be creative and make a design that will stand out from the others. After creating a design, the participant will write an essay about it. In the essay the student must explain why they chose the specific design and how they plan to sell it and market it. It is essential to be clear and creative.

As seen above we have a selected criteria for this scholarship. The first 10% is given to the student just by having a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The other 90% is divided into three categories. The first 30% is under clarity of essay, meaning how well the student can write, portray his/her ideas and create grammatically correct sentences. The second 30% is about originality. The student must ask him/herself how original this design is. Is it commonly seen? How likely is it for someone else to draw the same design? Finally, the last 30% is under the creativity of the design; which is also quality of the illustration. Is it a simple design? Or does it look like the student put effort into it? All these are questions that the applicants must ask themselves while applying for this scholarship.

There will be two prizes. The first spot will earn $2000 while the second place will earn $200 worth of credit in our store. This can be spent on anything on the BuckWholesale store. There are certain guidelines that and forms that need to be filled to succesfully participate in this scholarship.

To look at the declaration forms, guidelines and more go to the Scholarship Page or click here.

And as always, best of luck to everybody! :)