New Anti Corona Hats with Protective Face Shield

10th Apr 2020

In these times of struggle, it is always good to take the right measures in order to avoid coming in contact with the virus. Here at BuckWholesale, we want you to stay safe. For that reason, we have developed the new Anti-Corona hats that come with a protective face shield. This shield serves as a buffer to prevent your face from coming in contact with anything. This hat can be used for going on walks, to go grocery shopping or you can even use it for work.

The new Anti-Corona hat 5271 is a unisex low-profile dad hat with a protective mask. It is an unstructured hat made of 100% cotton. It contains a fabric strap with an antique brass slide closure. Being a one size fits most it can fit most people with rare exceptions. The face shield mask has a thickness of 0.5 mm and a size of 42x25 cm. 

The price for these hats will be $5.99 and they are currently in production (4/10/2020) but we will have them in stock in the following weeks. We will have them in black color only at first.

As always, be safe and do not forget to wash your hands!