How To Size A Hat

19th Sep 2023

(Updated 9/19/2023) 

Most of our hats at are adjustable "One Size Fits Most" hats typically range from 6 3/4 up to 7 5/8 (Small to X-Large).

Today, we're going to help you better understand how hat sizing works. Some hats are built to a specific size, and must be purchased accordingly. These hats will be clearly identified on our site with a listed size in the item description. This measurement will either appear as a centimeter measurement of the crown diameter, or a small/medium/large indicator.

The question is: what size is your head?

To measure your hat size, you really only need a long piece of string and a ruler. Wrap the string around your head at the same place you let your hats rest. Make note of where on the string the end touches, then measure the string. For easiest results, use the centimeter side of whichever rule you're using. For Americans and other people trapped in the Imperial measurement system, you can use this link to convert any inches measurements to centimeters.

Now, some of you might be curious about hat sizes like 6 7/8 or 7 3/4. You won't see these measurements anywhere on our site, but plenty of other hat manufacturers use them. To make sense of those numbers, just take your centimeter measurement and divide it by 8. 56cm, for example, comes to be a size 7. 57cm, therefore, is 7 1/8.

You may still be wondering "so, what size is a medium?". On, and indeed on most other websites, worded sizes will refer to 2cm ranges on the scale. 56 and 57 cm are both considered "medium", so if your crown measures to that size, you want a medium hat. 58 to 59? That's a large.

Confused yet? Don't worry! We have it all here for you in one easy to use chart. 

Centimeter DiameterSize (Hat Industry)Size (Wording)
52 cm.6 1/2X-Small
53 cm.6 5/8X-Small
54 cm.6 3/4Small
55 cm.6 7/8Small
56 cm.7Medium
57 cm.7 1/8Medium
58 cm.7 1/4Large
59 cm.7 3/8Large
60 cm.7 1/2X-Large
61 cm.7 5/8X-Large
62 cm.7 3/4XX-Large
63 cm.7 7/8XX-Large

And, as always, our phone operators will be on hand 9-5 EDT/EST any weekday to help answer your questions (except what size your head is. It's hard to measure over the phone!), so you can call us at (866) 408-2825 for help. We look forward to hearing from you soon!