Shipping Times and Costs

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***All orders ship from our Atlanta, GA warehouse*** 

** Note: The following information corresponds to shipments within the United States only. We do NOT ship outside of the United States until this time.

Overall shipping time is dictated by the shipping option selected, and the final destination of the package. Shipping also has two stages: processing and shipping. Any orders that are labeled as "Awaiting Fulfillment" in our system are in process with our warehouse. ALL FIRST TIME ORDERS MUST SHIP TO THE BILLING ADDRESS (NO exceptions) for security verification.

Any reference to "business days" will be Monday through Friday only.


Processing Times (Awaiting Fulfillment)

WE ARE EXPERIENCING SHIPPING DELAYS: Our U.S factory is working around the clock, but due to the extremely high recent demand for our amazing products, we are currently unable to deliver as fast as we typically do. Orders will ship in 5-10 business days. (leave the warehouse in 5-10 business days.) If you need your order to ship out faster please make sure to leave a note on the order that says SHIP ASAP so we can get the order out sooner.


Shipping Times

The following shipping times are those quoted by US Postal Service and FedEx, our shipping partners. holds these partners to their shipping promises. As such, we are willing to guarantee your delivery time.

Rush Shipping Options (FedEx 2-Day and FedEx Next-Day Air): Shipping times will be as advertised, but only include business days (Mon-Fri).

Standard Shipping Options (FedEx, All USPS Options): Shipping will take 1-6 business days based on final destination and shipping option. Please consult the images below for their delivery times.

FEDEX DOES NOT SHIP TO P.O BOXES. If you need to ship to a P.O Box please place the order with a customer service rep. 1-866-408-2825


FedEx Ground 





US TERRITORIES CUSTOMERS: Any US Territory not shown will be in the FedEx 5-day range of delivery. 


Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are dictated by the weight of the overall order, the distance traveling, and the shipping option selected. In order to receive a shipping quote, follow these steps:

1.) Compile your entire order in the online shopping cart, so that final weight can be calculated.

2.) Click on the box labeled "Estimate Shipping and Tax" (taxes on the order will only be for GA and KY customers)

3.) Enter your country, state/province, and ZIP/postal code.

You will be shown all of the available shipping options, and the prices for each. 



Tiempos y Costos de Envio

** Nota: La siguiente informacion corresponde a los envios dentro de EEUU unicamente. No hacemos envios fuera de EEUU hasta este momento.


El tiempo de envio depende del metodo de envio seleccionado y el destino final del paquete.

El envio, ademas, cuenta con dos etapas: Proceso y Envio. Las ordenes que figuran como "Awaiting Fulfillment" en nuestro sistema estan en proceso de empaquetado en nuestros depositos.


Tiempos de proceso

Todos los métodos de envío procesarán a la misma velocidad. Los pedidos realizados en días hábiles antes del mediodía EST / EDT procesarán y enviarán el mismo día. Todos los pedidos realizados después de este punto de corte se enviarán el siguiente día hábil.


Tiempos de Envio

Opciones de envio estandares (FedEx Ground and USPS Priority): Los envios tardaran entre 1 y 6 dias habiles segun su destino final y el tipo de envio seleccionado. Por favor consulte las imagenes para los tiempos estimados de entrega de paquetes.


**NOTA: FedEx & USPS no garantizan tiempos de envio. Los tiempos son ESTIMADOS. no se responsabiliza por paquetes demorados por las compañias de correo.

FedEx Ground 



USPS Priority



Los tiempos son ESTIMADOS. no se responsabiliza por paquetes demorados por las compañias de correo.


***NOTA***: Si existiese algun tipo de escazes en la cantidad en stock o algun tipo de problema en el proceso, su orden sera retenida en nuestras oficinas por 1 dia habil. Esta demora NO esta incluida en los tiempos estimados, ya que no ocurre habitualmente.


Costos de Envio

Los costos de envio seran proporcionalmente directos al peso y/o tamaño de la compra, la distancia a recorrer y el tipo de envio seleccionado. A fin de recibir un estimado de envio siga los siguientes pasos:

  1. Llene su carrito de compras con su orden completa.
  2. Haga click en donde dice "Estimate Shipping and Tax"
  3. Entre su Pais, Estado/Provincia y Codigo Postal.

Usted podra ver las opciones de envio y los precios de cada una.