BuckWholesale Inaugural Hat Design Scholarship, Winner's Essay

8th Jan 2020

Last year, BuckWholesale challenged college students to design a unique hat design and explain the meaning, uniqueness, and marketing strategies behind the design in an essay. Out of all of our applicants, Brooke Young from Texas State University impressed us the most with her design: a "Human Bean on a Human's Beanie". Her design and essay are below:

"Human Bean on a Human's Beanie", by Brooke Young

A cartoon bean with big and glimmering bug eyes is undoubtedly adorable to look at, especially accompanied by the caption “Human Bean on a Human’s Beanie” given that plenty of kids refer to human beings as human beans due to their homophonous pronunciation. In addition to its visually pleasing and emotionally appealing quality, I grew up in Southeast Texas and was brought up by a Hispanic mother, and beans were a key part of my diet growing up. I love all beans cooked in any and every way. Beans are also cheap, and high in protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. For this reason, I would use the proceeds to buy and give beans to poverty and hunger-stricken countries to fight world hunger.

I believe my design would sell because it can appeal to a wide range of people. Currently, beanies are popular amongst teenagers and young adults, so a beanie, regardless of design, has already got appeal to that age range. Also popular amongst teenagers and young adults are wittily captioned apparel. A beanie with a pun on it would certainly sell to that particular age group. My design would also appeal to children, as most children love cartoons. Lastly, a product that gives money to a worldwide cause such as world hunger would interest anyone who wants to make a difference.

We live in a world in which the easiest and fastest way to reach anyone across the globe is virtually and through social media. Everyone uses social media or the internet for varying reasons. I would create an account on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where I would market my product and explain how the money would be used to fund beans for hunger-stricken areas. Attached to my profile could be a link to my private shop on a website like Etsy where I could sell my product. Furthermore, I am part of a student organization, H.E.A.T. which stands for Human Environmental Animal Team. This organization does work for, along with environmental and animal causes, humanitarian causes. It also has eight student chapters, four of which are at large Texas universities, and the other four are at Texas high schools. I could work with H.E.A.T. to market this product, which would immediately bring attention to my product and cause all around Texas. I could also individually market my beanie at Texas State University. There are designated days in which small businesses and student organizations can put up stands and tables and sell products, give away pamphlets and items, and recruit members. All I would have to do is get permission from my school to set up my table on given days to advertise and sell my product. In addition, my parents own a bustling small business, and they could also assist me in advertising my product when they have exchanges with clients. I have a sibling and cousin in high school who could also advertise my product to their friends and classmates, and a cousin in college who could also do the same.

I feel confident that my product would sell to people of all ages and that its cause would make people feel good about their purchase and bring them back for more beanies, or inspire them to tell their friends and family about their human bean human beanie. I also believe that I have all the necessary resources to advertise my product. I am part of both a university that has thousands of students and large classes and a student organization with hundreds of passionate students that want to make a difference in the world, and they can do so one beanie at a time.