Custom Promotional Embroidered Hats For Less Money

Posted by Dmitri Stewart on 7th Nov 2016

If you are in need of promotional style hats your in the right place. With the lowest mins in the marketplace for our overseas custom hat program I am sure we can help you out. We have help many business save money while keeping quality. If you are an embroidery company and have a large order with a little bit of lead time we can help you also. While we all know getting the right price is important we also keep the quality to the highest of standards. 

For example, we would be able to get you the best price guaranteed on embroidery with our overseas program without compromising the quality. A 5k-8k stitch count would only be around 2.75/hat when you use us. This price includes the hat! I recently gave a quote to a taco shop in Florida with a large logo, 25k stitch count $3.50 still includes the price of the hat! They got a local quote for that large of a logo and it was over eight dollars. 

We would love to have the opportunity to take a look at your logo and the hat you want and give you a fair quote on your next promotional headwear project. All you need to do is send your logo to : from there we would give you a quote. If you wanted to get started we would only need a small deposit and we would make some samples until approved. 

Check out this youtube video for more info :