Small Business Saturday November 26th 2016

Small Business Saturday November 26th 2016

Posted by Dmitri Stewart on 10th Nov 2016

While black Friday sales are starting to pop up all over the place from major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Target... ETC we forget that the Saturday after black Friday is a day to support small business everywhere. Its a great way to make sure the cash flow stays in your local economy & help small business grow in our communities. We challenge you to support at least one small business this holiday season. 

While you may be asking your self how would supporting an online company like Buck Wholesale help out your local economy it probably won't. Unless you live in the town of Suwanee, Ga. Which you probably don't. If you did decide to buy from us instead of of a major retailer you would be helping a company with 12 employees, gives back to the community & helps other companies. 

Look you might not need hats but, we at Buck Wholesale challenge you to buy from a small business this year :) 

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Have a happy holidays