Winter Is Coming And Our Products Are In Stock

7th Oct 2019

You have probably noticed that these past days it has been getting colder. For that reason we are proud to inform you that we have stocked winter products. From beanies to socks we have many products to offer and we recommend you take a look at these. 

Beanies IN STOCK

Winter beanies are 100% acrylic products . These are 3/4 inches wide and 8 inches long with a medium thickness. Perfect to sustain cold temperatures and a very stylish product to add to your inventory. Colors include yellow, red, brown, pink, green, gray, white, blue, navy, turquoise, orange.

Magic Gloves IN STOCK

This item is a must for cold temperatures and it comes in a dozen pack. Made of 100% acrylic they are one size fits all. In this product you will receive 4 black gloves, 1 natural glove, 1 khaki glove, 1 red glove, 1 purple glove, 1 charcoal glove, 1 burgundy glove, 1 chocolate brown glove and 1 navy colored glove. If you want only a black we also sell a dozen pack of all-black gloves.


Plain Knit Socks for adults that are comfortable and recommendable for a very cheap price. Adult Size is 9-12 and it is made of 75% cotton and 20% Polyester and 5% Spandex. The colors that come in this dozen package are heather gray, black and white.