The Evolution of Wholesale Hats: Adapting to Customer Preferences

9th Apr 2024

The market is always changing, evolving, and developing, all under the influence of customer demand. The same stands for the market of wholesale hats. Throughout the years, the demand for hats has gone through many changes. But fashion isn’t the only factor that dictates what is in high demand at the current moment. It’s also functionality and necessity that determines it. 

Here is a quick rundown of the evolution of wholesale hats. Let’s get to it!

The Early Beginnings of Hats

In ancient times, both men and women were known to wear hats and even extravagant headpieces resembling crowns and turbans. In the Middle Ages, the sexes didn’t quite wear hats, more like veils and hoods, but they served more or less the same purpose. Victorian-era female hats are a thing of beauty, almost resembling elaborate constructions placed atop ladies' heads.

The nineteenth century is where we saw the first leap towards what we today know and wear as hats. Top hats, in particular, were all the rage in those days, but they weren’t the only kind of hat out there. Baseball hats were also worn in the mid-19th century, though by a very limited group of people - baseball players. The 19th century is also where we saw the first mass production of hats, thanks to the Industrial Revolution.

Mass-Production of Hats 

For a long time, millinery was seen as a craft that not many could master. There were true artists among hat makers who had their customers and would cater to their personal tastes and styles.

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, millinery experienced a boom and went from a craft to an industry seemingly overnight. At the beginning of industrialization, thousands of women were employed in this field in London and Paris. Later on, in 20th century New York, that number skyrocketed to over 80,000.

Wholesale Hats 101

Wholesale hats are a thing of the future. You can now buy large quantities of a vast variety of types and styles of hats and resell them or use them however you want. 

With the development of the industry and technology, you can now get access to all kinds of hats - baseball caps, bucket hats, sunhats, and much much more. That’s why the evolution of wholesale hats is topical now more than ever. 

They’re a click away and you can get them at affordable prices and top quality. It’s a bargain!


Hats have an interesting history and have been around pretty much as long as humans have. They have evolved from hoods, over extravagant, almost architectural installations, all the way to the ones we know today - baseball hats, bucket hats, and sunhats. 

They all have their use in our lives, but what makes wholesale hats so great today is the fact that they are easily accessible and incredibly affordable.

Whether you are looking to start your small business or just need hats at affordable prices, wholesale hats are there. The evolution of wholesale hats has been beneficial to the buyer! No matter your style or need, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. Contact us today!