Top 5 Cheap Wholesale Blank T Shirt Suppliers in Atlanta

20th Apr 2020

For those in the wholesale industry, blank t-shirts are an essential go-to. But why is this? The main reason is that blank t-shirts can be embroidered or printed on. Even major brands such as Nike and Adidas first need to have a blank t-shirt in their hands in order to provide customers with the right merchandise. For that reason, finding a suitable cheap t-shirt can become a difficult task. However, we spent the time doing that work for you. Whether you are trying to buy t-shirts for yourself, for others, or you just want to resell, you have arrived at the right site. Here we will include a ranking of the best wholesale blank t-shirt companies to have in mind and a list of tips when attempting to buy the best possible t-shirt (at the end of the blog).

1# BuckWholesale

The first place in this list is BuckWholesale. is an online wholesale distributor of caps and hats available since 2003. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia, however it supplies to every state in the U.S. In this website you are going to find very good quality t-shirts for the cheapest price possible. It is nearly impossible to find better prices than the ones at BuckWholesale.

But why is BuckWholesale a great supplier for your shopping?

-The price is the cheapest you can get for the quality. T-shirt pricing begins at $1.57.

-BuckWholesale offers blank apparel from great brands like Gildan and Fruit of the Loom.

-There is no minimum purchase requirement.

-A 365 day return policy is available so you can return your t-shirt if needed.

-110% lowest price guarantee provided (beating identical items by 10% of the price difference).

-With a fast shipping available to every U.S. state. Shipping times are included on the website as well.

-BuckWholesale has over 8000 reviews on Google.




#2 TheAdairGroup

TheAdairGroup is a family owned business located in Atlanta, Georgia that has been selling t-shirts for many years. TheAdairGroup has a business accessible in-person and online as well, shipping domestically in the U.S. With pre-shrunk t-shirts in inventory this company can be a good option when looking for affordable blank t-shirts. They provide you with an option to buy irregulars as well. Irregulars are items with small imperfections, some naked to the eye. These items are cheaper which helps customers buy good merchandise for lower prices. With currently 308 reviews and a 4.7 this company takes the second place in our list.

#3 Aeon t-shirt Wholesale

Aeon T-shirt Wholesale is a company located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a great option when if you need simple and affordable blank t-shirts. It currently has 46 reviews on Google and a 4.5 score. They sell blank t-shirt in bulk and provide customers with a great service. It is a good option to have in mind if you do not mind driving to the place to purchase the products in person. They sell in-person merchandise ONLY. They do not have an online option which might take away some comfort from the buyer. Nevertheless, the great and affordable blank t-shirts make up for it. For that reason, Aeon t-shirt Wholesale takes the third place in the list.

#4 Needen

Needen has everything ranging from blank t-shirts to polo t-shirts. It has secure payments online and a fast shipping. Needen provides cusstomers with baby t-shirts as well which is good to have in mind since not many do. You have the option to refine your shopping by treatment, fabric, size, brand and color. It has a wide variety of t-shirts making this a good option when it comes to more specific t-shirt purchases. With a free-shipping for orders over $149, Needen takes the fourth place in the list.

#5 Apparelnbags

Apparelnbags is a wholesale apparel and bags store that focuses on good and fast delivery. 90% percent of orders are delivered within the first 3 days. If you need a return, they provide you with Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and instructions that allow you to return the merchandise. Its customer service is available throughout the whole day (Mondays through Fridays from 9am to 9pm). While it is not the cheapest of the list, this company takes the fifth place due to a combination of fast-shipping and a great customer service.

It is important to make a wise decision when it comes to buying a t-shirt

Here are some tips that we have developed so that you can have a successful purchase

-Make sure you come at the right supplier. Look at its reviews and find out if it is a trustable source. As a rule of thumb, the more reviews it has the better.

-To find the legitimacy of the website it is a good idea to look it up on trustable-enhancing websites such as or Google reviews.

-Read the description in order to make sure that you are receiving pre-shrunk t-shirts. Preshrunk avoids shrinking of t-shirt when washing/drying it.

-Most importantly, look at the measurements in order to see if you’re buying the right sizes. Most websites include a chart for to help you in this.

-Do not forget to look at the neckline. The neckline is important and so you must make sure you are buying the one that is suitable to your customer niche.

-Last but not least, make you sure you are receiving the desired quality. Some people like 100% cotton while others prefer a blend of cotton and polyester. Polyester is usually heavier and long-lasting which can resist shrinkage better. However, cotton may be softer and more breathable.

-Look at the type of t-shirt that you are buying. Make sure it is a unisex t-shirt and that it has all the sizes that you need.

-In websites like BuckWholesale, you can look at the stocking which is essential knowledge when planning for a big purchase.

-If you are unsure of what type of t-shirt to go with, the safest option will always be the classic t-shirt.