BuckWholesale Scholarship

1st Jan 2019


Scholarship Details

Deadline: December 31

Winner Announced: January 31

Occurs: Annually

Award Amount: $2000

2020 Scholarship Winner

2019 Scholarship Winner


It’s that time of the year for the BuckWholesale scholarship.  

We would like to know what your designs look like! We want you to show us your creativeness by creating a design would look good on a hat and sending it to us in a document (it could be attached to the essay document). It can be anything you’d like. Be original! 

For obvious purposes we would not only like to know what this design means to you, but also how you plan to market it, and why would it become a great seller! For that you need to make an essay.

The essay must be around 2 pages long and double-spaced (APA format preferably).

The winner will receive no less than $2000 that hopefully helps with the college experience.

The only requirement is that you should be currently enrolling in a college and that you have a 3.0 GPA!

Don't forget to fill out the declaration form and send us your information.

Whenever you think you are ready to send us your application just send all the information to [email protected] or to [email protected]. Guidelines for sending us the information are at the end of this page.We will be waiting for it! 


3.0 GPA  

How often: Annually 

Deadline: December 31st

Winner is announced on: January

Submissions Reviewed by Us: September 1st- December 31st

Major requirements: none, any major can apply 


Fulfills GPA requisite (10%) 

Clarity of essay (30%) 

Originality of design(30%) 

Creativity of design (30%) 


Essay question

To be considered eligible you must write about your design, what makes it special, and how you would promote it to the public in order to successfully sell it. 

Scoring Rubric 

Three levels: fulfills standardstays within standard, fails to satisfy standard 

100 points total

GPA Requisite(10 points)                  

Fulfills Student has higher than a 3.0 GPA. (8-10 points)           

Stays within standard: Student is very close to a 3.0 GPA. (4-7 points)             

Fails to satisfy: Student has less than a 3.0 GPA. (0-3 points)


Clarity of essay (30 points)             

Fulfills: Student writes a clear essay, easy to read and few to none grammar mistakes. (20-30 points)                                        

Stays within standard: Student writes an essay that is readable, but with some grammar mistakes. (10-19 points)                      

Fails to Satisfy: Student’s essay is not as clear and/or has many grammar mistakes. (0-9 points)


Originality of design (30 points)                        

Fulfills: Student has an original design that is not a copy, and describes in essay why it is original. (20-30 points)                          

Stays within standard: Student has a design that is not a copy but fails to successfully describe it in the essay. (10-19 points)        

Fails to Satisfy: Student’s design is not original. (0-9 points) 


Creativity of design (30 points)

Fulfills: Student has a design that is appealing to the public and successfully explains how to promote it and why it would sell. (20-30 points) 

Stays within standard: Student fails to successfully explain how to promote it and why it would sell but still has a creative design. (10-19 points)

Fails to satisfy: Student does not have a creative design. (0-9 points)   


1) Fill out a general information form.

2) Complete a declaration form

3) Make sure you have a copy of your College Transcript, and proof that you are currently enrolled in College with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

4)Type the double-spaced essay onto a Word Document and include pictures of the design on it at the end.

Once you have completed these four steps then you are ready to send us the e-mail!

e-Mail: General information form, declaration form, transcript and proof & essay with pictures of the design to [email protected]


Click here for Declaration Form

Click Here for terms & conditions.

General info form attached.